Ester Membership: $100/year. What do you get?
• 15% off all purchases of still wine, cava/ prosecco, anytime you shop (spirits excluded).


Join us for a blow-out walk around Spirits tasting where we will try to have as many interesting things for you to try for free. Since this is also a benchmark 5 years in business, you might catch us being extra generous. So, stop by anytime after 6PM and see what we have going on. Thank you for all your support and we hope to serve you well in return. ~ Ester Wine


IN THE PAST (a brief summary of our past monthly wine classes):
April, 2019: Chilean Wine
March,2019: Rosé!
Feb, 2019: Bubbles in the Winter!with Annika Adelmann of MFW
Jan, 2019: Blind Tasting Wines
Dec, 2018: Tuscany! with Robert Provenz
Nov, 2018: Annual “Holiday Kick Off-Walk Around tasting and distiller’s seminar with Nahmias et Fils
Oct, 2018: Amari and aromatized wines with Haus Alpenz
Sept, 2018: Smelling Wine and Perfume: Using olfactory senses w/Kelly Jones
Aug, 2018: Austrian White Wine
June, 2018: Wines of South Africa with Jared Rumsey
May, 2018: Wines of Piedmont, Italy
April, 2018: American Craft Brandy and Absinthe with Jared of Copper and Kings
Feb, 2018: Bourbon Class, Featuring Kings County Distillery
Nov, 2017 Our annual kick off to the holiday seasons and thank you for supporting us!
Oct, 2017: Riesling!
Sept, 2017: Sicily
July, 2017 Chardonnay with Robert Provenz
June, 2017 New York Wines: hosted by Ian Gillis
Jan, 2017 Cote-Du-Rhone, France: with Robert Provenz
Nov, 2016: A sit down seminar featuring local, craft and micro distilleries with special guests
Oct, 2016: White Wines of Spain with Annika
Sept, 2016: What is Natural Wine?
July, 2016 : Omni Wines will be here to pour and discuss his wines from Italy: red, white and rosé!!
June, 2016: Critical Mass will be in house to taste you on our favorite Spanish winemaker Gonzalo Gonzalo!
May, 2016: Doc Herson's Absinthe: Green and Red (a hibiscus tinge)
April, 2016: Tequila 101